Somerset Days Out

I'm winding down with work at the moment and so been given a few random days of. Last week, I jumped in the car, picked up a friend and headed up the M5 to the North Devon Coast.  Isn't this drive incredible?

We'd been driving for ages trying to get to Croyde Bay, and eventually saw signs for Beach car parking. In a split second, I'd turned the car, parked up and was walking onto warm sand. It turned out that we hadn't found Croyde Bay at all, but instead had gotten to Saunton Sands. Just as pretty, it's a less touristy than the others, frequented mainly by surfers and families. We found a pretty spot, laid out in the sun, chatted and read magazines for a while.

I tried to go for a dip, but the water was freezing so I hurried back and got an icecream instead, one cold treat for another! Kelly's butterscotch and chocolate for me, and honeycomb and chocolate for my friend. It was huge and I couldn't eat it fast enough! It was melting so quickly that I'm sure more was on my hands than in my mouth. 

After a long long stint of sunbathing, we went for a walk and started clambering up the sand dunes in flip flops (it's really hard and really quite funny) 

Check out those beach huts! I love the colours

Wandering of the sand dunes and into a much more secluded part of the beach, theres a beautiful little private bay, albeit slightly rocky.

Followed by a pool of algae:

The day was finished with fresh fish and chips and I drove back home, feeling happy and refreshed. I highly recommend North Devon if you ever need a break from a busy schedule. It's the perfect place to get away, and easily one of the most beautiful parts of England that I have ever seen. One last picture to show you just how beautiful it really is.

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