Birthday Bumf!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, but I've been having far too much fun to sit down at the laptop ( I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger)

A couple of weeks ago the boyfriend planned a surprise birthday for me. He told me to get dressed up and I ran around hunting for the perfect dress like a maniac the morning of the party! I found it in topshop, the beyonce dress! However mine had green stripes instead of black ones. 

For the first part of the surprise we headed to Urban Golf where I was met by some of my closest friends for an hour of golf. I've been telling the boyfriend that I wanted to play golf for ages, and didn't he do well! 

The super clever screen tracks your swing and shows you where the ball would end up on the green if it was real life! The boyfriend had never played golf before, but luckily one of my closest friends is a bit of a golf master and gave him a mini lesson. 

After dinner we headed to my favourite burger joint! Carnaby Burger Co. The boy and I found this place one day last year and figured we'd give it a go, and since then we've been back so many times. They really don't disappoint with utterly scrumptious burgers, but my favourite part is the multitude of veggie options. I've recently become a pescetarian, and truthfully I think soon enough I'll be veggie, however finding decent burgers for those of you who don't eat meat, can be pretty tricky. 

As there were so many of us, I got to try 3 fantastic burgers. I started with a Southern Style Quorn Bruschetta Burger. You bite in and get a delicious mouthful of a brioche bun, a Quorn escalope, tomatoes, basil,  pesto and swiss cheese. Not to mention the perfect pesto mayo dip that accompanied the chips; just heavenly! 

Next I moved onto the Falafel burger. Again a brioche bun, cucumber raita, melted cheese and a giant falafel all sandwiched together to make my taste buds tingle. The best part however is the peppercorn gravy. Ultimate win in my books.

Finally I made room for a bite of a cheese and aubergine burger with a red pepper relish. It looked fantastic, and tasted even better. I finished up feeling stuffed. Seriously, look at that cheese!

So just when I thought there would be no more food, this beauty came out of the kitchen

A gold cake, made by my fantastic boyfriend. Like I said, he definitely did well.  I had an incredible birthday made all the better by the staff at Carnaby Burger Co. who were amazing at accommodating all of us, especially when we had a few unexpected guests turn up late!

Find them at here or at 4 Newburgh St. London. Pop in if you've been shopping around oxford circus and I promise you you wont be disappointed. They deliver too! 


  1. Happy birthday, dear!!!
    And what an amazing birthday cake that is!!!
    Congrats to your boyfriend!!

    Will you visit my blog sometime??
    Maybe we can keep in touch!!


    1. thank you! I've added your blog to my list :)

  2. Those burgers look delicious- food envy! What a lovely surprise he planned for you!

  3. Love the dress! You look amazing!! Lovely blog:) xo, Hayley